Meet Fiona Walker!

December 2015 Fiona Walker England

It’s safe to say Fiona has come a long way since her first design which was a bright green mini skirt at the age of 6 years old. Thankfully she realised that her style choices may need some fine tuning so off to De Montford University she went to get some expert help.

Horray! It must have worked as for the next 10 years she had a successful career working for big name fashion brands in London but eventually she had to swap the fabric scissors and pattern paper for nappies and bottles.

In the next chapter of her life she had a very thriving career as a taxi driver and money lender to her three daughters but this didn’t fill the void that her passion for design left, which is when Fiona Walker England was born. It’s hard to believe that Fiona Walker England grew from one simple design. It all started with her felt robins which were inspired by the charming red robin that lived in Fiona’s garden. Fiona is dedicated to bringing lovely products that add fun and vibrancy to your home but most importantly to make a difference to the lives of the lovely ladies who produce them.